Add a Sub Menu to a Module in Main Menu

This is how you add a new option under a module in the Main Menu on top of the screen.

Lets say you want to add an option “Process Leads” under the Leads module.  To do this:

Step 1: Create a new file in custom/Extension/modules/<desired_module>/Ext/Menus. If the Menus folder doesn’t exist in <desired_module>, just make one. We can name the file menu.php.

Step 2: On menu.php file, input codes below:


global $module_menu, $mod_strings, $app_strings;

// This will add the new option
if(ACLController::checkAccess('<desired_module>', 'edit', true))$module_menu[] = Array("index.php?module=<desired_module>&action=<custom_action>&return_module=<desired_module>&return_action=DetailView", $mod_strings['LNK_NEW_RECORD'],"<Create_desired_module>", '<TITLE>');


Step 3: Run Quick Repair and Rebuild.

Note :

Here, <desired_module> means the module name you see in the URL, for example, Contacts, Leads, etc.
<custom_action> means custom action page

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