Custom button in detailview SugarCRM / SuiteCRM

It will be done by below steps only! Lets do this,

STEP 1 : Add smarty variable in custom/modules/<desired_module>/metadata/detailveiwdefs.php as following,

'buttons' => 
    array (
      5 => 
      array (
        'customCode' => '{$mail_to_members}',

Step 2 : We can assign the values to smarty variable in custom/modules/<desired_module>/views/view.detail.php and can use the smarty variable

$this->dv->ss->assign('mail_to_members', '<input type="button" 
onclick="javascript: location.href=\'mailto:?bcc='.$mem_email.'\'" value="Mail to Members"/>');

Step 3 : Quick Repair, then hard refresh your browser. All Done !

Step 4 : Done! Refresh the page and start testing.

Note :

1. Read the comments in code carefully and replace the variables as asked.
2. Here, <desired_module> means the module name you see in the URL, for example, Contacts, Leads, Accounts, etc.
3. You may find the field names and its labels in Admin > Studio > <Your_module> > Fields > <Choose correct field> > Take 
Field Name and System Label.

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