How To change the value of Footer in SugarCRM / SuiteCRM

Here We are going to explain how can you change the value of Footer in your SugarCRM / SuiteCRM instance.

Steps are as below,


Go to File  themes/Sugar5/tpls/footer.tpl 
and open this file into your editor.

STEP 2 :

Find the div with id=”footer” and the div section will be like that

<div id="footer">
       <div id="copyright">


Now we are going to comment the statistics and copyright value and add our footer value

<div id="footer">
  <!--  {$STATISTICS} -->
<!-- Add your value for footer here -->
    Copyright @Your company name and website. All Rights Reserved.
  <!--  <div id="copyright">

Step 4 : Quick Repair, then hard refresh your browser. All Done !

Step 5 : Done! Refresh the page and start testing.

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