Mark a field Required conditionally

We have done the code for <desired_module> module. Change it as per your requirement. We will mark “Description” field required if status is Publish

Steps are as below,

1. Add a reference to the JavaScript file which will be needed for event binding.

Path: custom/modules/<desired_module>/metadata/editviewdefs.php


$viewdefs['<desired_module>']['EditView']['templateMeta']['includes'] =
    array (
        array (
        'file' => 'custom/modules/<desired_module>/js/editview.js',

2. Add the JavaScript file you want to include into the location you referenced above(custom/modules/<desired_module>/js/editview.js).

3. Write following code in editview.js file.

 // Change status to the field of your module
$('#status').change(function() {
	makerequired(); // onchange call function to mark the field required
function makerequired()
var status = $('#status').val(); // get current value of the field 
 if(status == 'Publish'){ // check if it matches the condition: if true,
		addToValidate('EditView','description','varchar',true,'Description');    // mark Description field required
		$('#description_label').html('Description: <font color="red">*</font>'); // with red * sign next to label
		removeFromValidate('EditView','description');                        // else remove the validtion applied
		$('#description_label').html('Description: '); // and give the normal label back 
makerequired(); //Call at onload while editing a Published blog record

4. Quick Repair, then hard refresh your browser. All Done !

5. Done! Refresh the page and start testing.


1. Read the comments in code carefully and replace the variables as asked.
2. Here, <desired_module> means the module name you see in the URL, for example, Contacts, Leads, Accounts, etc.
3. You may find the field names and its labels in Admin > Studio > <Your_module> > Fields > <Choose correct field> > Take Field Name and System Label.
Before Customization
After Customization

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